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Community engagement

We believe that long-term relations and transparent partnerships are paramount to achieving global, lasting results for improvement.


With DSV’s own addition to the UN Global Compact principles, community engagement, we make it a priority to engage and support communities where we operate, using our expertise to help people in need.

Global commitment to Red Cross | Red Crescent

DSV has a global approach to charity work with Red Cross | Red Crescent as our primary humanitarian aid partner. The partnership allows both parties to focus on what they do best; DSV provides logistics services and expertise, and Red Cross| Red Crescent are experts in providing disaster and emergency relief. 

Local commitment to contributing meaningfully

DSV has offices in 80 countries around the world, and while we encourage an active partnership with local Red Cross | Red Crescent organisations, DSV countries also have the freedom to engage with the local community based on what makes the most sense. Where there is no need for human aid/emergency relief, DSV countries typically contribute to local sports clubs, cancer research or other meaningful activities.

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