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A partnership that matters

DSV supports Red Cross' project in Malawi, which focuses on helping vulnerable children like Judith get an education by paying school fees and providing daily meals at school.

Judith’s long way to learning

Judith lived with her father and used to walk 20 km to school and 20 km home from school on dusty roads every day to get to school.  Because of the long walk, she was missing the early morning classes and she feared walking home in the dark. 

Now, Red Cross takes care of Judith’s school fees and her uniform, shoes, books and all other expenses for school. That means Judith’s father can afford the rent for a small room for her nearby school. The 16-year-old now lives in a girls-only hostel and spends her nights studying by the lamp that the support from DSV has also helped give her. She now has the time and the space to get the education that can help her go far in life.

Judith is one of more than 550 young Malawians who receive a high-school education. 

DSV supports a project through which Judith can continue to go to school

Capacity building in Malawi

Danish Red Cross' project in Malawi aims to build resilience in the three poorest provinces in the southern part of the country. DSV has supported the project since 2016 and has helped enable Red Cross to make a significant contribution to providing an education for the local children, and to reducing hunger and malnutrition: 

  • More than 14,000 school children receive a daily meal
  • More than 23,000 children under five receive a monthly health check
  • More than 11,500 children attend a Red Cross kindergarten
  • More than 800 children receive a primary school education 

About the partnership

Red Cross | Red Crescent is DSV’s international human aid partner. In the partnership, DSV provides support for transport and warehousing space for disaster preparedness, and we support Red Cross’ efforts in Malawi and Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. You can read the details of our partnership on www.humanaid.dsv.com 

Read the 2018 Responsibility Report here 

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