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Employees and working environment

Ensuring satisfied employees and a safe working environment is a top priority.

DSV contributes to SDG 8DSV is a people business. We rely heavily on our competent, dedicated and loyal employees to deliver on the promises we make to our customers. That is why we have made it our top priority to provide a great and safe working environment for all employees across the entire global organisation. This is part of both our company strategy and Code of Conduct.

Prevention rather than cure

We aim to prevent all occupational injuries and accidents from ever happening. That is why we focus intensely on minimising risks and raising awareness about safety for our employees: incidents or accidents are registered and examined to clarify the cause as well as assess the need for adjustments to existing procedures.

Respecting human rights

In line with the DSV values and our Code of Conduct, we support, respect and protect internationally recognised human rights, including labour rights, in our operations and through our business relations with third parties. We want our employees and partners to feel safe in the knowledge that we do things right and ensure the protection of human rights at all times.

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