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Environment and climate

The environment is the single most important Responsibility issue for the transport sector.

Global warming and other global climate issues are escalating, and the transport sector is part of the problem. We should also be part of the solution:

"We need help to achieve our common climate goals: From customers who are willing to reduce emissions through smarter planning and implementation of technological innovations to legislators who are willing to enact market-wide rules and regulations that we all must follow". - CEO Jens Bjørn Andersen

Waste not - want not 

DSV provides customer specific GHG emission reports for all transport modes. This allows us to constantly follow developments and explore possibilities for the reduction of carbon footprint.

We work according to the principle "waste not – want not," which means that we take the most energy efficient route whenever possible. This goes for overland transportation, new office, terminal and warehouse buildings as well as choice of trailer equipment. Beyond that, we have initiated some green projects with our suppliers and customers – and hope to do more. 

Find out how we help our customers with CO2 reporting