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As a publicly listed company, it is our responsibility to ensure strong governance throughout the DSV Panalpina Group. Through an open and active dialogue with our stakeholders, we aim to achieve the highest possible level of transparency.

Our internal control and risk management procedures help ensure that DSV delivers reliable and consistent reports to our stakeholders worldwide. In addition, we have a dedicated, public Investor website that holds all information related to our listing on the stock exchange, articles of association and other legal requirements, information about shares and bonds, an IR calendar, company announcements and more.   

As part of our annual reporting, we publish a report on Corporate Governance (pursuant to section 107b of the Danish Financial Statements Act).

The entire corporate structure is designed as a simple structure based on the Group’s commercial activities with a clear division of management responsibilities. The Executive Board is represented in the Boards of Directors of all material subsidiaries, which apply standard provisions regulating the power to bind the company.

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