Find all the media-related material you need about our company

Background and photos/stock footage

If you want a brief, visual introduction to the basic services of our divisions, you can watch one of our films.

We have also created a basic press kit that gives you a quick overview of the history of DSV A/S and facts about our three divisions. Or you may find it useful to browse the pages DSV over time.

For interviews or statements from the DSV Management, please contact us using the contact info at the bottom of this page. 

Company news and announcements

News about customers, expansions, mergers and acquisitions are available in the left-side menu - Latest news - and in our media newsroom: Follow DSV Corporate News

We also offer an RSS feed service. Please subscribe here.

For financial news, please see our company announcements where you will find news regarding financial reports, share buy-backs and insider trading.

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