Meet our people

Lynn Hu, Customer Success Manager

Shanghai, China


“DSV is my haven. It’s a stable and solid place to work and I see it improving every year”

It’s been a fantastic journey for Lynn since she joined DSV 11 years ago, moving up the career ladder through various different positions.

“There are opportunities everywhere in DSV if you are dedicated. Working with so many colleagues from different countries and cultures means we all get to learn from each other. It’s helped me with my career development as well as being great on a personal level.”

Nicklas Eggert, Managing Director



“Food, clothes and goods from around the world are essential to how we live, connect and understand each other. By making these available all over the world, we literally expand societies and bring people closer.”

Nicklas joined DSV as a trainee freight forwarder in 2005 and it wasn’t long before he felt that he was able to contribute to achieving results and to making a difference – something which he really enjoys. Nicklas’ career has been one of constant change and he is now one of the youngest managing directors in the history of DSV.

“When you are at a place like DSV, the opportunities are enormous – whether you have ambitions to excel within your role, to experience new cultures by working abroad or to move up into a leadership position. I find it only natural to want to grab those opportunities, keep learning and work towards where I want to be”.

Marcin Hejka, Master Data Management Process Leader

Warszawa, Poland


“I enjoy interacting with so many interesting people. In my team alone we deal with 60 different countries! I’m challenged and enlightened by different ways of thinking every day.”

Marcin joined DSV 5 years ago. In his work managing the basic data of the DSV business partners, he has to work very closely with people from a wide variety of countries all over the world.

In addition to being able to explore cross-cultural communication and collaboration, Marcin enjoys the opportunities to develop the skills he needs to take his career in the direction he wants.

“I have a passion for leading and training people and in DSV I have the opportunity to develop the skills I need to explore this passion and achieve my goals.”

Karan SoekhramOnline Marketing Specialist

Amsterdam, Netherlands


“DSV is a very dynamic and successful brand, and an industry leader.”

Karan’s work as online marketer is all about ensuring that customers’ digital journeys with DSV are as smooth as possible.

“We have a very flat organisation where everybody is very approachable, including management. We’re all focused on doing a great job while having a lot of fun. It’s also a very entrepreneurial organisation open to new ideas, and I enjoy getting all the space I need to do my job well”.

Gary Kioussis, Manager Global Commercial Organisation

London, United Kingdom


“With DSV I get to travel the world. I’ve found that however rich and diverse our people are, we are one family with everyone proudly wearing a DSV badge.”

Gary has been working for DSV for an impressive 36 years. He has seen at first hand the massive growth of the company from his various periods working and living in Harwich, London, Paris and Dublin. He has been with the company almost all his career – something which is not that uncommon in DSV.

“I’ve got the opportunity to explore all my desired career paths within one company, and broaden my knowledge through constant learning. People are recognised for who they are and have the opportunity to enhance their careers, not only where they are right now but where they want to be.”


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