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The more sustainable way forward

World trade drives world prosperity, but it is time we remodel the way we conduct it. It is time to trade on nature’s terms.

As one of the world’s largest transport and logistics companies, we carry a great responsibility for the green transition. With core services like consolidation, modes shift and load optimisation, we are already making an effort to reduce CO2 emissions in our day-to-day business, but to protect our climate we need go further. That is why we have developed Green Logistics. A set of solutions ranging from CO2 reporting, supply chain optimisation, sustainable warehousing to sustainable fuels and carbon offsetting. Each solution is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chain.  
With us, you have a team of experts to collaborate with you every step of the way to design, implement, and personalise sustainable solutions that deliver for your business and the environment.

Frequently asked questions

Our Green Logistics offerings enhance your business operations, addressing aspects from CO₂ reporting and supply chain optimisation to sustainable warehousing, sustainable fuels and carbon offsetting. These offerings are crucial to lowering CO₂ emissions, both for business and for the planet, in accordance with 2030 goals. 

With us, not only can you rest assured that our expert teams work with certified suppliers across our offerings, but our tailored approach ensures you always receive the most fit-for-purpose solution for your business's decarbonisation. 

We approach Green Logistics in a bespoke manner, ensuring that your company and our expert teams collaborate to utilise the most suitable initiatives from our offering, supporting your business's decarbonisation.  

Our Green Logistics offerings explained

  • Pink skies and mountains

    CO2 reporting

    Track and trace your impact and get comprehensive insights and data analysis to drive reductions of your supply chain emissions.
  • Road overviewing the sea and mountains

    Supply chain optimisation

    Work with our experts to identify ways to improve both your supply chain and carbon footprint.
  • Solar panels on a roof with a blue sky in the background

    Sustainable warehousing

    Reduce your CO₂ through sustainable warehousing facilities designed to reduce energy and waste.
  • Sunset over a mountain

    Sustainable fuel offerings

    Fuel your green transition and reduce emissions without changing your operations with biofuel technology.
  • Trees in the forest

    Carbon offsetting

    Invest in renowned environmental projects to compensate for your emissions.

Any questions?

Contact Jason Ye, Director, Supply Chain Optimisation, GCO

Contact Jason Ye, Director, Supply Chain Optimisation, GCO