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If you work with sensitive pharmaceutical products that require temperature-controlled conditions, DSV has the cold chain logistics solutions you need.

With our extensive network, pharmaceutical and healthcare experience and global infrastructure, including PharmaQMS and GDP-certified facilities, you can be sure that your pharmaceutical and healthcare products are handled, managed and stored at the right temperature throughout their journey.

Three reasons to choose DSV for your cold chain logistics


Licensed capacity

Our warehousing facilities are PharmaQMS and GDP-certified and we can transport your sensitive products all over the world using both active containers and passive packaging. This ensures your valuable cargo is stable and at the required temperature at all times.
Risk assessment

Risk assessment

Every link in the cold chain represents the potential for problems. We understand the need for full control throughout the journey and assess risk and risk mitigation for all transport lanes for a smoother, more secure process.
End-to-end control

End-to-end control

With our own warehouses and air charter network, as well as an extensive network of ocean and road transport providers, we are able to have full control of cold chain logistics – from origin to destination.

Three temperature zones

Secure storage and transport at all temperatures

Reducing risk at every stage

Our cold chain logistics solutions are managed using the online platform Validaide. This is one of the industry’s most sophisticated subcontractor management and lane assessment programs. It aggregates data from over 2,500 trade lanes to simplify the process of qualifying suppliers and make risk identification more efficient.

Real-time monitoring and reporting

Throughout its journey, you can see the exact status of your consignment, including its real-time temperature, humidity and other critical parameters, using the dashboard of our global visibility solution. This solution can be set up to notify you of any temperature changes on the journey. It can also be linked to any CCTV monitoring systems.

With this control and security in place, you can have full confidence in our cold chain logistics services and the temperature integrity of your valuable pharmaceutical consignments.

Cold chain logistics solutions for your specific products

As specialists in all types of pharmaceutical and healthcare logistics solutions, we can tailor-make the exact cold chain logistics services and solutions your products require.

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A specialized healthcare cluster in Belgium

Read how we deliver temperature-controlled transport between Johannesburg and Brussels.

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