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Logistics Parc Moerdijk

Sustainable growth, centrally located between Antwerp and Rotterdam

The Logistics Park provides space for large-scale warehousing and distribution. It focuses specifically on value added logistics; logistics companies that add value to the product and employment. The construction of the Logistics Park means a substantial expansion of the port and industrial area. This will give Moerdijk a solid boost as a multimodal hub. The business park is about 200 hectares, of which 140 hectares are available for allocation. The site is multimodally accessible by road, rail and water and is located right next to the port area and the Klaverpolder interchange (A16/A17).

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Port of Moerdijk is the fourth and most inland seaport in the Netherlands. The open connection to the sea and the maximum freedom of choice for short sea, inland shipping, rail, road or pipelines bring European destinations within reach. Thanks to its strategic location, Port of Moerdijk is logistics hotspot par excellence and an important hub for sustainable process industry. It is the second economic engine of North Brabant and an important source of employment.

This Breeam-certified expansion in Moerdijk will enable us as DSV to realise our growth sustainably and provide our customers in the long term with state-of-the art warehousing and Value Added Logistics matching the specific customer requirements. In addition, it will give a strong boost to employment and economic development in the region, 

says Peter van der Maas, Executive Vice President of DSV Solutions.

DSV has chosen to develop more than 200,000 m2 of high-quality warehousing and distribution, on a plot totalling more than 34 hectares. The warehouse is expected to be divided into 10 halls with a floor area of 198,300 m2 complemented by a 38,600 m2 mezzanine, 136 docks, 5 offices, 4 entrances and more than 1,000 rooftop parking spaces. The central office environment is expected to be 4,915 m2 spread over three floors and has a walkway to the warehouse. The entire development has Breeam Excellent as its sustainability label and TAPA-A security level. 

The logistics service provider is a well-known name in the Moerdijk port and industrial estate and already has two branches from which DSV serves many customers around the world. Construction has started early 2024. 

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