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Global project logistics for substantial challenges

With our project transport services, we offer reliable and cost-efficient solutions that meet the highest standards in safety, service, and quality.

When it's necessary to transport heavy, oversized, or complex cargo, you can rely on the expertise of DSV Projects. We specialize in providing tailor-made solutions for the most ambitious energy, industrial, and infrastructure projects. With a global team of experienced professionals and years of expertise in this field, we are ready to meet your most complex logistical requirements and complete any significant move successfully, even to the most remote locations. Whether it's transporting massive machinery, construction materials, or oversized cargo, we possess the necessary capacity and technical expertise to move your freight safely and efficiently. Our dedicated professionals ensure thorough planning and coordination, considering all the logistical challenges that may arise during the transportation process.


Fact: The tallest object that DSV has transported was a 35-meter-high transition piece for the 'Sheringham Shoal' wind farm off the east coast of England. The object was transported in an upright position throughout the entire journey.

When logistical challenges turn into solutions

For large-scale complex industrial projects, we assist in moving complete factories, facilities, and components between locations all around the world. In case of emergency or special cargo to conflict zones or disaster areas, our global network is ready to support governments, aid agencies, and relief organizations with logistics operations, even in areas lacking an existing infrastructure.

Our solutions easily translate into the following key factors that play a significant role in project transport:

Out of gauge cargo: Large industrial projects are often closely tied to the use of big machinery and equipment. DSV collaborates closely with you to plan custom loading and unloading times that cater to the needs of out of gauge cargo.

Geographical: Many of the world's largest industrial projects are located in remote, isolated areas with no direct access to an airport or seaport. We assist you in reaching remote locations and provide both offshore and domestic deliveries with all aspects of multimodal transport.

Flexibility: DSV Projects is highly flexible concerning timing, route planning, and delivery methods, allowing us to meet the critical requirements of industries like oil and gas for example. This flexibility enables us to create tailor-made solutions.

Urgency: In your field of expertise, downtime can be costly, and emergencies demand a swift response. When equipment or production stops, or when you need to reach a remote area quickly, our critical response teams are available 24/7, seven days a week.

Compliance: Transporting non-conventional and oversized cargo to remote locations typically requires permissions and customs clearance at various stages of the journey. DSV offices and personnel possess up-to-date knowledge of relevant government rules and regulations to ensure a smooth and efficient movement of the cargo. We adhere strictly to all legislation concerning quality, health, safety, and the environment (QHSE).

Fact: The largest item that DSV has shipped was a container crane of 13,000 cubic meters, equivalent to 360 TEUs.

End-to-end services, from air and ship charter to complete project management
The complete custom solutions we offer are characterized by the following success factors:

Planning and Project Management: Large-scale projects begin long before significant steps are taken. DSV supports clients during the planning phase by providing detailed advice and identifying potential transportation challenges based on previous experiences.

Correct Transport Technique: Large installations are designed and manufactured with transportation in mind. DSV's internal transport technique experts can provide valuable support for oversized and heavy transports that require special equipment or even on-site adjustments.

Research: DSV Projects conducts risk assessments and detailed route and location surveys before the actual transportation takes place. We investigate constraints such as local infrastructure limitations, climate, or seasonal influences.

Charters: Global charter services are available to transport oversized and heavy cargo to their destinations. These services include chartering specialized inland vessels, barges, tugboats, and supply ships, as well as aircrafts from the DSV Air Charter Network.

On-Site Services at Origin and Destination: In the country of origin, our services include guiding the purchasing process, providing industrial packaging, delivering to the airport or seaport, and handling customs clearance for export. At the destination, DSV provides comprehensive information on import regulations and customs clearance for import.

Fact: Approximately 90% of the time spent on a complex project transport is dedicated to planning.

Would you like to discuss the best way to move your heavy or oversized cargo? Contact our DSV Projects experts for reliable and cost-effective solutions.

  • Industrial projects

    Industrial projects

    Transport for your out-of-gauge, heavy or special cargo
  • Renewable energy

    Renewable energy

    Transport your energy project to any destination worldwide
  • Government logistics

    Government logistics

    Transport to and from conflict areas
  • Ship charter

    Ship charter

    We organise all types of ship chartering worldwide
  • Aid and relief

    Aid and relief

    We are getting aid to the people who need it the most

Copenhagen Metro

Deep under the streets of Copenhagen, we moved four large tunnel bore machines used to build the new Copenhagen metro.

Copenhagen Metro

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