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A globally comprehensive Air Charter Network for transporting goods with the highest priority

The DSV Air Charter Network takes you beyond the simple utilization of available cargo space at the right moment. It gives you the sensation of owning your very own cargo plane, giving you the opportunity to deliver your valuable cargo anywhere in the world. Our charter service provides bespoke solutions, global coverage, and guaranteed capacity - available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

By employing leased and chartered aircraft, the DSV Air Charter Network ensures full capacity assurance. Additionally, the network is optimized to handle priority charters and special shipments efficiently.

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Standard flexibility and guaranteed capacity 

Through the Air Charter Network, we handle an extensive range of cargo, ranging from temperature-sensitive goods to high-value items. Our air charter solutions are particularly well-suited for handling special cargo, such as pharmaceutical and medical equipment, microchips, and equipment for the oil and gas industry.

Within the Air Charter Network, we provide two main options for transporting goods: chartering a full aircraft or arranging part-charters for your cargo. Whether you require full or part-charters, we can plan for both your regular routes and on an ad-hoc basis.

In addition to managing cargo on specific routes, thanks to the Air Charter Network, we also have complete control over our ground processes. This ensures the best possible control, safety, and efficiency for all 'door-to-door' freight shipments.

Your gateway into the world

Our Air Charter Network operates on a 'hub and spoke model' for air freight, allowing us to strategically utilize airports located near major commercial centers. From these hubs, we coordinate flights to and from an extensive network of international locations. Through strong partnerships with reliable charter providers and major airlines, we can ship air freight to all significant destinations.

Most of our air charter routes are based at tier-2 airports, where there are therefore fewer passenger flights and generally less aircraft movement. This reduces the risk of possible delays and allows us to offer our customers security and efficient services, and even guaranteed capacity if needed.

Booking a charter flight offers several advantages:


Rely on capacity: countless global flight routes and schedules.

Complete control and transparency: both in the air and on the ground. Crucial for time-critical cargo, temperature-controlled goods, and high-quality shipments.

Efficient lead times and reduced risk of delays: Our network implements gateways at airports with fewer passenger flights, resulting in swift handling and a lower chance of delays.

Optimal management of time-critical shipments: by granting higher priority during boarding on specific flights and facilitating faster and streamlined customs clearance at the destination.

No destination is out of reach: Thanks to our close collaboration with both small charter providers and major airlines, we can deploy a globally extensive network.

First-class experience: Our team of specialized experts is fully dedicated to organizing ad-hoc charter services and adept at chartering all types of cargo aircraft. We are ready to personally guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you effortlessly find the right charter solution.

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Discover our charter possibilities

Within our extensive Air Charter Network, DSV offers two options for transporting goods: full or part charters. Whether it's regular routes or ad-hoc flights, we have the capability to tailor arrangements that perfectly fit your needs. With a strong presence at Luxemburg Findel Airport and strong agreements with some of the world's largest cargo airlines, we can ensure quality and reliability at every stage of the transportation process. You can trust that your cargo is in good hands.

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