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Services for all aspects of special transport by ship, including full and part charter, consecutive voyage charters based on Contracts of Affreightment and time chartering 

DSV ship charter brokers worldwide
Our experts are skilled in all aspects of ship charter, including project management, planning and execution.  We serve a number of industries and employ different types of vessels so we can deliver tailor-made services all over the world. 
This is the most basic cargo ship, also called a multipurpose ship. It is used to transport dry and irregular cargo and is not suitable for containers. This type of ship has its own cranes to carry out loading and unloading operations at the departure and destination ports.
Heavy lift
This is a cargo ship for extremely heavy or bulky loads, such as specialised or oversized industrial machinery. These ships also often have their own cranes.
Ro Ro
Ro Ro stands for “Roll on - Roll off” and refers to a type of cargo ship that carries cargo on wheels, mainly cars or trucks. These boats have ramps and platforms to fix and immobilise all types of vehicles. Ro Ro ships are characterised by a large gate in the bow or stern (or on both sides, depending on the vessel) that acts as a ramp gate through which the cargo is loaded.
These are smaller vessels used for operations close to ports or on short sea routes. They are not suitable for long ocean crossings.
A semi-submersible platform is a specialised marine vessel used in offshore roles, such as oil and gas drilling rigs, safety vessels and oil production platforms.
Tugs and barges
Tugs are used to help manoeuvre large vessels in confined areas, or when a vessel has lost power. 
Barges have a relatively flat loading area. Some barges require a tug as they cannot power their own movement.
As charter brokers we communicate directly with our partners to ensure flexibility, low costs and fast response times. To ensure successful transports, our own experienced supervisors and port captains supervise loading, transshipment and discharging.

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