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Chinese New Year 2020

Although Chinese New Year is still far ahead of us, DSV still wants to provide you with several recommendations during this busy period.

Chinese New Year

CNY cannot be compared to new year as we know it in the western world. The event simply takes much longer and starts on a different date. In 2020 CNY falls on January 25 and lasts until February 8. According to the Chinese calendar January 25 is the start of the year of the Rat.

CNY is one of the most important festivals in China and a big part of Asia. Meaning that every year a huge Chinese migration flow starts. It is extremely important for the Chinese to celebrate this event with family, this is resulting I a mass migration throughout the country.

Most of the population of China have more days off than the 15 days that CNY lasts. Many Chinese companies, factories and governmental institutions are therefore closed during this period.

This is what you can expect this year around CNY:

  • CNY will be early in our western calendar. Our local Chinese offices will be closed from 24/01/2020 till 01/02/2020.
  • The boat capacity of shipping companies has been reduced, departures are limited in the weeks running up to CNY.
  • The environmental IMO 2020 regulation will be effective from 01/01/2020, this also may lead to longer transit times on the FEWB lanes.

Our advice

As a result of the above, shipping companies are faced with a lack of capacity in the coming months. We therefore advise our customers to encourage their Chinese suppliers to place their sea freight bookings as quickly as possible at local DSV offices. This will give DSV the possibility to reserve space in advance by the carriers.

For safety, we also recommend that you include one or even two extra weeks in your logistical planning, above your regular planned supply chain. This can reduce the chance of delays in your logistical process.

For further questions about the options around CNY, please feel free to contact your regular contact persons within DSV Air & Sea.

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