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Het BeterBoek everything about my hospitalization

We're not always fully focused on logistics services and business in our company, where possible DSV gets social involved.

Het Beterboek
Our DSV Solutions business unit is therefor proud to have contributed to the so-called project 'BeterBoek' for the pediatric department of the VieCuri medical center in Venlo.

Hospitalization can be a dramatic event for children. They end up in an unknown environment and gain many new impressions. This often causes unrest and uncertainty. Children can be put at ease with proper care and information.

The aim of 'Het BeterBoek' is to familiarize children with the hospital environment. In this way fear of examinations and treatments is partially removed. A child can write his own story in the book, giving meaning to their emotions and experiences. There is plenty room in the book for photos and messages, making them feel no so far from home.

The 'BeterBoek' is and remains property of the child. After the hospitalization, the book with all explanations, messages, photos and experiences is taken home. In this way, the expenditure is a valuable reminder of the time in the hospital for the child.

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