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Our Customer Success Program: because there is always room for improvement

Since 2014, DSV is worldwide using the Customer Success Program (CSP) to survey customer satisfaction. The purpose of the CSP is to gain a better understanding of your specific needs as a customer and to improve or even change our services where necessary.


Since the start of the program, DSV has already received over 50.000 responses in the CSP spread over three divisions and more than 45 countries. The program plays an increasingly important role in the modern services of DSV.

Putting our customers at first, performing at our best and always striving for an open and honest collaboration are just some of the most important core values of DSV. DSV is a service providing company without a tangible product. Our product actually consists by our knowledge and service. It is therefore extra important for us to know whether you are satisfied with our services. Anders Normann, as Senior Director Customer Experience, is responsible for the CSP:

Learning how customers experience our services, is a natural part of the way DSV does its business. It helps us to identify our strengths and areas for improvement. For us at DSV, improvement is perhaps the most important aspect of the program.

How does it work?

You will receive an invitation e-mail twice a year to participate in the CSP. Participation is in the form of a small survey containing only five questions, with room for extra comments. The questions in the survey relate to our services and our communication.

Doesn’t it take too much time?

The CSP has been specifically developed so that answering the questions is fast and efficient. Experience has now shown that customers who cooperate with the CSP spend an average of three minutes on this. A minimal investment if you consider that this can improve our mutual cooperation.

What does DSV do with my feedback?

We value any response and guarantee that DSV will respond to all your feedback. We prefer to do this by telephone. By responding personally to all feedback from the CSP, we can continue to improve our services to you and even adjust them when necessary. Combining the results from the program with information we receive on a daily routine from our customers, we are looking for the solution to make your experience with DSV as good as possible. 
And of course: if you are satisfied with our current collaboration, we do appreciate a high rating.


Any questions?

Our teams are ready for you. Contact us.

Morgane Matthys