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Russia/ Ukraine war: operational update March 3

Transports to and from Russia and Belarus temporarily suspended

Ukraine DSV

Across DSV, we are still closely monitoring the war in Ukraine. We are both deeply concerned and saddened about the continuous escalation of the developments throughout the country. 

DSV has decided to temporarily suspend shipments to and from Russia and Belarus. This applies to land, air and ocean transport. This means that DSV is not taking in new bookings to these countries with the exception of medical and humanitarian supplies. All goods currently in transit will be managed to the extent possible via open trade lanes.

The suspension of the two countries follows the series of initiatives DSV has introduced and communicated since the morning of Thursday 24 February when all DSV operations were halted in Ukraine due to the invasion.

Knowing that today’s decision to suspend transport to and from Russia and Belarus will further add to the supply chain disruption and complexity for our customers, we want to underline that DSV is fully aware of the impact and that we are doing our utmost to alleviate the negative supply chain effects from these measures.

Our teams continue to have a close dialogue with our carrier partners, and we will keep monitoring any new sanctions imposed. This to make sure that we can provide counsel to customers on relevant sanctions as well as ensure that DSV is acting in compliance with all international sanctions. 

You can read our operational update of February 27 here. You can read our operational update of March 2 here.

To help customers to the widest extent possible, DSV encourages all customers impacted by the war in Ukraine to reach out to your DSV contact so we can guide and support you during these extraordinary circumstances.

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Erwin Peeters