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DSV Air & Sea merges key verticals

from now on our verticals for Oli & Gas and Chemicals continue as one

Merge verticals DSV

Within DSV, we are constantly looking for new ways to further refine our service and streamline our activities. Given the already good cooperation between our teams specialized in ‘Oil and Gas’ and ‘Chemicals within our Air & Sea division, we decided to combine our experience in these fields in one new vertical: We call this enlarged knowledge area within DSV: ‘Oil & Gas and Chemicals’

We have always managed clients in the chemicals sector, but after the acquisition of Agillity (GIL) in 2021, it was decided to set up a dedicated 'Global Chemicals' vertical within the Air & Sea division. This further enabled us to expand our global presence in the chemicals sector as well as our expertise in it. The creation of this vertical has had a significant impact on our services within the Air & Sea division.

At the same time, our 'Oil & Gas' vertical also contributes strongly to our range of logistics solutions. Moreover, the customer segment of both verticals is very similar for us. We therefore see a very big advantage in combining this expertise and knowledge under one umbrella.

The merger of these two verticals will take place with immediate effect. Our aim is to ensure that our customers continue to experience the same high level of service, only from now on it will be combined with a strong knowledge base from a very similar industry.

More advantage

The teams and resources of both verticals are already largely located in our strategic hubs in Singapore, Dubai, Houston, and our own Rotterdam. This only makes integrating the verticals, collaborating, and continuing of sharing knowledge easier. In addition to the overlap in IT and compliance requirements, we already have a number of clients who clearly operate in both sectors. As Managing Director of DSV Air & Sea Netherlands, Herman Huygens is currently responsible for both vertical teams in our country. He sees only advantages in bringing both teams together:

The growth potential of DSV within the world of chemicals is high, of course we would like to be able to develop this further. Combining the knowledge and strengths of both teams creates a huge field of knowledge and expertise. This enables us to further optimise our activities and solutions for both us and our customers. A clear win-win situation, in other words."

Operationally, merging the two verticals will have no further impact.

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