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King Willem-Alexander and demissionary-minister Karien Van Gennip visit DSV in Moerdijk

The theme of the visit was labour migration. During an extensive tour in the warehouse, the King and the demissionary-minister spoke with many different international DSV employees about their work at DSV, the working conditions and their experiences in the Netherlands.

King Willem-Alexander and Minister Karien Van Gennip visit DSV Moerdijk

International employees ensure that the economy can continue to run in many sectors in the Netherlands. But many international employees are in a vulnerable position and therefore regularly have to deal with poor housing, for example. At DSV we believe it is extremely important that we take good care of each other, regardless of whether a colleague is from the Netherlands or an international employee.

Many companies in West Brabant depend on international employees. The West Brabant region was therefore the first Dutch region to co-sign an agreement framework for international employees in 2021, to improve their legal position and housing, tackle problems and increase support. DSV is committed every day to provide good guidance at work and give support how to live in the Netherlands. For example, our own housing department is currently being set up to ensure good living conditions for employees.

During a tour at DSV in Moerdijk, our King and demissionary-minister spoke with international colleagues from various countries about their work at our company, the working conditions and their experiences in the Netherlands. Subsequently, a discussion took place with Peter van der Maas (Executive Vice President), Bas Fraanje (Senior Director) and Walter de Wilde (HR Director) on behalf of DSV as well as Alderman Danny Dingemans of the Municipality of Moerdijk about DSV's policy to promote the well-being of international colleagues.

The Solutions division of DSV would like to develop temporary housing for DSV employees and employees of other employers. But also for smaller companies that cannot afford their own accommodation, or do not feel like dealing with all that is involved. And for other groups that need temporary housing. The range of sports and relaxation on offer is also part of good housing. As far as DSV is concerned, a DSV campus can best be located on an industrial area, but with a connection to a village or town. With the shops, but also with (sports) clubs. Benefits for all parties because, partly thanks to international employees, the bakery, the football club and the local supermarket can continue to exist in the village.

We thank our King and demissionary-minister for their visit to DSV in Moerdijk as well as their extensive interest in all aspects of labour migration.

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