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Chinese New Year 2024

The celebration of Chinese New Year (CNY) always poses challenges in the areas of production, logistics, and transportation. The article below provides an overview of the key dates around CNY. As in previous years, it is advisable to book your shipments well in advance.

CNY 2024

With the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, the new year is heralded in China and large parts of Asia. Unlike in the Western world, this day does not fall on January 1st, and a longer period is reserved for the festivities.

Due to the length of these festivities, plus the necessary days before and after the celebration, the impact of the Chinese New Year is significant each year. This is not only the case in China but across the entire Asian continent. The Chinese New Year 2024 celebrates the transition from the Year of the Rabbit to the Year of the Dragon. The Year of the Dragon runs from February 10, 2024, to January 28, 2025.

Production, logistics, and transportation in China, as in previous years, come to a complete standstill during the CNY celebration. Shipping companies, airlines, and rail operators cancel many of their operations during CNY. This will lead to an increased demand for the available transportation options. Therefore, as in previous years, it is just as important to start planning and reserving transport and logistics well in advance.

The key dates of CNY 2024

The Chinese New Year starts this year on Friday, February 9. Although this day is officially a working day, it's important to note that many Chinese people will already take this day off. The official holidays in China begin on Saturday, February 10, 2024, and last until Saturday, February 17, 2024.

However, the complete celebration lasts until the Lantern Festival, which in 2024 falls on Saturday, February 24. Be aware: there will be many disruptions in production, transport, and logistics in the weeks leading up to the New Year, as well as in the weeks following it. The current situation around the Red Sea and the Suez Canal also has a significant influence here.

Hong Kong during CNY

CNY also leads to necessary closures in Hong Kong. These are only for four days. The population in Hong Kong has a holiday from Saturday, February 10, 2024, to Tuesday, February 13, 2024.

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