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Transport and logistics for RAWBITE

RAWBITE started out shipping its products by taking packages to the post office, but quickly needed a better transport and logistics provider for their rapidly growing business.

They searched Google, and found DSV. “But we thought we were too small for DSV”, they said.

Yet helping start-ups grow is a DSV speciality. In 2010 RAWBITE produced 200,000 of its delicious snack bars. These days production is approaching 10 million a year – and DSV ships them to more than 45 countries by road, sea, and air.

Our ambition is to take on the world, with DSV as our partner, one bite at a time


Like many start-ups, RAWBITE had great ambitions right from the outset when they made the first snack bars in the kitchen of one of the three founders. They intended to take things slowly and steadily, one step at a time. But as soon as they started talking to DSV, they realised that DSV had the expertise to help them move much faster, and much sooner. And that DSV could provide transport and logistics at the right cost too.

The people at DSV listen to our dreams and help us turn them into reality. It’s a relationship worth an incredible amount, at all levels



The idea behind the company’s organic fruit and nut bars was to create a simple, honest and healthy product, easy to bring along and enjoy anywhere. Since the first RAWBITE was created on the kitchen table, interest in the product has not stopped growing in Denmark, as well as in more than 45 countries where RAWBITE is now available.

Everything in RAWBITE is driven by simplicity, joy and enthusiasm for the product.

Even though the company has outgrown its kitchen table, recipes are still devised there and no one stops until the taste is amazing. The products themselves are created with the utmost respect for the natural ingredients which are processed as gently as possible.

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