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Having set their sights on the American market, Danish hypercar manufacturer Zenvo wanted to showcase their latest prototypes to US customers and partners. The first step on this growth journey was to have two of their latest hypercar models transported from manufacturing facilities in Denmark to their teams in Los Angeles. Zenvo therefore teamed up with DSV to ensure that the cars would arrive safely, discreetly and on time at their destination.

Opened in 2007, car manufacturer Zenvo Automotive A/S (Zenvo) specialises in producing handcrafted hypercars; a category of premium, high-performance sports cars with unique designs and superior build quality. After gaining traction in Europe, Zenvo decided to expand their footprint and introduced their high-performance sports cars to the American market. They required two prototypes of their latest model, the TSR-S, transported from Europe to the United States for a 12-month tour of the Americas with their sales, marketing and production teams. In order to achieve this, Zenvo reached out to DSV and engaged with our specialist DSV Vehicle Competence Center team who began the planning process for the transport across the Atlantic Ocean.

Zenvo Automotive car during transport One of the two hypercars during the transport to Los Angeles.

Handling with care at all stages of the supply chain

Prior to shipping, several circumstances had to be carefully considered. Zenvo’s cars are highly valuable, and discretion and caution were therefore key factors to the success of the project. For the same reason, DSV’s Vehicle Competence Center team ensured that physical monitoring was made available at all stages of the transport, and a DSV employee was present to oversee all handling activities and mitigate any handling errors.

Due to the delicacy of the cars as well as their unique specifications, planning for a transport like the one we did for Zenvo is not something that can be done overnight, so our preparations began months ahead of the actual shipment. One of our key tasks was to ensure that the two cars were handled correctly at all stages of the transport. We therefore put together a series of trainings for our teams in DSV and created a dedicated manual based on Zenvo’s own instructions that carefully explained how the two cars were correctly managed,

explains Nils-André Nebel, Global Business Development Director of the Vehicle Competence Center, who was in charge of the transport.

Zenvo Automotive car during transport The planning for the transport began months in advance, and a dedicated DSV manual was created based on Zenvo's own instructions.

Specialised transport solutions

The transport of the two Zenvo cars began at Zenvo’s manufacturing facility in Denmark and ended at the DSV warehouse in Los Angeles. The DSV team arranged for the cars to be transported by road and ferry from Denmark to Luxembourg in a specialised closed truck. From here, they were loaded onto a plane and flown to Los Angeles. At the Los Angeles airport, the cars were then picked up by the local DSV team and transported to a DSV warehouse.

Zenvo’s CEO Angela Hartman and CCO Jens Sverdrup, who have been closely involved in the planning phase of the transport of the two hypercars, were happy with the process and the service that DSV delivered:

We put a lot of resources into making our cars, so it is of course very important to us that they are treated with utmost care. In DSV, we have a partner that has demonstrated a thorough understanding of our requirements for this shipment, and we appreciate the exceptional service that we have received from the teams working on the project.

- Jens Sverdrup, CCO, Zenvo Automotive

Shortly after the arrival in the US, representatives from Zenvo picked up the two cars from the DSV warehouse in Los Angeles. With the cars safely delivered to their final destination without a scratch, Zenvo could take the next step on their growth journey and begin the promotion of their cars in the American market.

This project showcases the importance of specialist vertical know-how, with the ability to provide tailored solutions to meet unique challenges.
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