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In several business models, returned goods are inevitable. The way that you handle those returns, however, can prove to be an important part of your customer experience and loyalty to your brand, because customers are very sensitive to how you handle their returns and how easy you make the process for them.

Research shows that 93% of customers who have a bad experience returning goods say that they will not buy from that company again. Delays, poor communication and long waits for refunds are the main causes of dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, when their returns were handled simply, promptly and correctly, that same research shows that 84% of the customers would probably order from that business again. It's clear that customer-friendly returns handling is an essential aspect of fulfilment. 

The speed and quality with which you process your returns is very important for your customer satisfaction

This includes all related follow-up activities. Via our patented single-point-of-entry software, we:

  • Confirm receipt to your customer
  • Unpack, judge and report reasons for the return
  • Initiate any follow-up activities required
  • Update the database
  • Make stock directly available for reshipment.

The result is very satisfied customers, with unnecessary costs due to delays, customer service activities and buffer stock kept to a minimum. Reducing the costs of returns can have a big impact on your business model. Every 1% of unnecessary returns costs you 2.5% of your net result. Our experience shows that around 35% of all returns can be avoided by learning from previous returns and their causes. The way in which you handle your return is therefore just as important in the eyes of your customer as the quality of your delivery.

Let your business benefit from our excellent returns handling process and our crystal clear reports.

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