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Across the sea and through the air - an ideal combination of speed and cost-efficiency

The transportation of goods from Asia to the Netherlands is no longer confined to the conventional trade-off between speed (via air freight) and cost-effectiveness (via sea freight). Our Sea-Air service presents an innovative hybrid, combining the rapid delivery of air transport with the economic advantages of maritime transport.

The process begins with the transportation of your cargo by ship from a location such as Shanghai to Dubai. Upon arrival in Dubai, your cargo is transferred to an aircraft within two days, ready to continue its journey to its destination in Europe or North America. This transfer takes place in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, meaning that no additional or delaying customs procedures are required. This efficient process can significantly reduce delivery times, and the costs are often up to 40% lower compared to standard air freight.

Our Sea-Air Service has been meticulously developed to be both exceptionally flexible and effective, while ensuring the high quality and added value you've come to expect from DSV are maintained. This makes it an ideal choice for cargo that is too critical to be transported slowly, but for which the budget does not allow for the costs of full air freight. By opting for Sea-Air, you benefit from an optimal mix of speed and cost savings, without having to compromise on other fronts.

When considering the Sea-Air option, two key factors should be considered

Before deciding to utilize our Sea-Air service, it's important to consider specific aspects that may affect the suitability of this transport method for your goods. Here are two crucial considerations: 

  • According to regulations: it's crucial to verify that your goods comply with regulations for both air and sea freight. This is particularly relevant for goods that can be classified as hazardous, as the rules for air freight are often stricter than for sea freight.
  • Transshipment of goods: during the Sea-Air transport process, your goods are transferred from a sea container to an air freight container. This involves unloading and reloading the goods. Not all products are suitable for this transshipment, especially if they are extremely fragile or require special handling.

Our team of professional freight forwarders is always available to provide comprehensive advice on the unique benefits of our Sea-Air service. We understand that each shipment is unique and therefore offer personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Key advantages of DSV Sea-air

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