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Variable fuel surcharges apply to all shipments

This surcharge is based on the prices for aviation fuel on the Rotterdam spot market that are published by the US Department of Energy. Falling fuel prices reduce or completely cancel the surcharge. The surcharge will apply to the following shipping charges from 1st January 2022: Remote Area, Saturday Delivery, Residential Delivery, Large Package Surcharge, Oversize Packages, Additional Handling Charge, Peak Surcharges and the UK Border Fee. The surcharge is applicable in all countries across the world serviced by DSV and is itemised separately for every shipment. The surcharge is applicable in all countries serviced by DSV and is stated separately in the invoice per individual shipment.

Current and previous fuel surcharges

Period Surcharge
February 2023 37,50%
January 2023 32,50%
December 2022 33,00%
November 2022 33,50%
October 2022 32,00%
September 2022 35,00%

Last update: 31-01-2023

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