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Shipping by rail is efficient, reliable and an environmentally-friendly solution. And it is much less susceptible to delays on increasingly congested road networks.

DSV's multimodal rail freight solutions offers great flexibility in both pricing and transit time, coupled with the environmental benefits.

If you have larger and complex volumes that require high frequency and stability, rail transport is often the preferred alternative to traditional road transport in Europe.

With our rail transport in Europe you get:

  • Frequent and stable departure and arrival times
  • Possibility to increase volumes significantly on your transports in Europe
  • A greener alternative to road transport (reduced emissions of CO2)
  • Possibility of tailor-made transport solutions based on rail transport

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Selected multimodal rail/road freight routes

  • Barcelona (ES) - Le Boulou (FR) - Bettemburg (LU)
  • Connections by road to Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia
  • From various points in Europe by sea to UK via Calais or Zeebrugge or the Channel Tunnel
  • By ferry between Scandinavia and Ghent / Zeebrugge
  • Barcelona (ES) - Ludwigshafen (BE)
  • Zaragoza (ES) - Mannheim (DE) – Frankfurt (DE) - Duisburg (DE) – Rotterdam (NL)
  • Duisburg (DE) - Krakow (PL) - Warsaw (PL)
  • Zaragoza (ES) - Paris (FR)

Available for:

  • Container or full truck load (FTL)
  • Refrigerated products
  • Dangerous goods
  • All types of merchandise

Key advantages of DSV Multimodal Europe

  • Fast


    DSV Multimodal Europe offers new options for long distances within Europe, with greater control and flexibility in both pickups and deliveries. We offer daily import / export departures.
  • Environmental friendly


    Our DSV Multimodal Europe service will help you reduce CO2 emissions from your shipments. You can request quarterly certificates of the carbon footprint of your shipments to include in your own sustainability and corporate social responsibility reporting.
  • Flexibility


    Our DSV Multimodal Europe service is a flexible and competitive solution,available for all types of semi-trailer, container or complete trailer for all types of merchandise, refrigerated products or dangerous goods. Routes also operate at weekends and holidays when road traffic can be restricted in some countries. DSV Multimodal Europe also connects with the UK.


    Online tracking from loading to unloading via www.myDSV.com.
  • Economic


    Rail transport can be cheaper than road transport, mainly due to savings in tolls and fuel. Rates are especially economical if the origin and destination of the merchandise are near the rail terminals.
  • Punctual


    Rail / multimodal transport is less affected by weather conditions, traffic jams and traffic congestion, so scheduled transit times are usually kept to. However, transit times are normally longer than for pure road transport, making it a good alternative for non-urgent deliveries.
  • insurance dsv


    Although all transport by train is not without risks, it is generally less risky than road transport. Sealed containers reduce the risk of theft considerably.

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