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DSV API is our fast reaction system for medium to large customers.

Benefits are

Fast, intelligent & cost-effective

DSV API (Application Programming Interface) is the modern, instant way of communicating and exchanging information electronically in real time.

API is a great alternative to the traditional EDI connections to submit bookings, print labels, track shipments and more.

An API integration with DSV will increase efficiency and reduce the amount of errors associated with executing any of the tasks mentioned above.
DSV API can be integrated in any system supporting API data exchange. It offers self-service implementation with online access to the DSV API catalogue and instruction manuals 24/7.  

DSV API uses a reliable and secure data exchange to ensure the highest degree of security for you and for DSV.  Connections are encrypted with a TLS 2048-bit SSL key. The data encryption ensures that your data and passwords cannot be hacked.

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