As a global transport and logistics company, we have a global impact - and a great corporate responsibility.

DSV is committed to being a responsible and reliable business partner and an active participant in the global community.  

We divide our responsibility efforts into three areas:


In DSV, we work systematically to improve conditions for people and society, including reducing any negative impact on the environment. Our CSR efforts are anchored within the framework of the United Nations Global Compact; and we are dedicated to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals by working and reporting on these efforts to support our business, our values and presence in the world. Read more 


In our Code of Conduct, we outline clear standards for safe and responsible business practices , which apply throughout our global organisation. We pursue business opportunities with integrity and have high ethical standards within all complicance areas. Read more

Corporate Governance

As a listed company, we consider it our responsibility to maintain an open and active dialogue with our stakeholders and investors: We want to ensure that all available information is reflected in the expectations for DSV. Our internal control and risk management systems ensure that we always deliver reliable and consistent reports to our stakeholders.

Read more about DSV’s approach to Corporate Governance




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