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By working strategically with sustainability, DSV aims to achieve an overall positive impact on global economic, environmental and social development. 

Sustainability at DSV means meeting the needs of today’s global supply chains without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Our strategy is centred around our sustainability priorities and associated material topics within environment, social and governance as reflected below.

Sustainability strategy table

Engaging with our stakeholders or stakeholder representatives is a key aspect of our materiality assessment. Our main stakeholders include customers, investors, employees, suppliers and authorities. These interactions form the basis for our underlying materiality assessments. They also enable us to manage stakeholder expectations and gain valuable input on how we impact our surroundings and vice versa. Every year, we evaluate and set new sustainability targets, based on a materiality assessment. We monitor and track our progress towards our targets and report on our performance every year in our sustainability report.

Our sustainability ambitions, targets and actions are aligned with our commitment to the UN Global Compact and the Science Based Targets initiative and seek to contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

Our seven primary UN Sustainability Goals

SDG goals

Sustainability governance
Sustainability is embedded at all levels of DSV. The Group functions are responsible for the day-to-day coordination of our sustainability strategy and ensuring compliance. Group functions are also the link between local operations and our management, ensuring alignment across the company.

Sustainability performance targets are included as part of the variable remuneration of Executive Management to support DSV’s focus on sustainability progress.

Read more about our governance structure here

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Martin Andreasen, Executive Vice President, Group Compliance