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We are guided by our commitment to fulfilling and promoting the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations Global Compact’s Ten Principles. As a result, we have set specific goals divided into three target areas: environment, social and governance.

DSV has a holistic approach to sustainability with environmental and social responsibility integrated into our business everywhere we operate.

We provide customers with the ability to conduct their business more sustainably without compromising on service levels and operational excellence.

Jens Bjørn Andersen
Group CEO, DSV A/S

Prioritising social and environmental issues with the biggest impact

We regularly assess which material topics are most important to DSV, so our work on sustainability has the greatest impact.

This has resulted in specific strategic sustainability goals divided into three target areas: environmentsocial and governance.

Governance and strategy

Stakeholder engagement

We maintain a close dialogue with our customers, investors and employees on sustainability. We also select stakeholders with business influence and impact, and work with them to develop solutions to social, environmental and business challenges.

With our suppliers, we have cooperative partnerships with regular audits for increased transparency and full compliance with both national laws and DSV’s Supplier Code of Conduct. We also maintain a good working relationship with tax authorities in all countries in which we operate to ensure 100% compliance.  

Recognition for our work with sustainability 

DSV subscribes to the leading international environmental, social and governance rating agencies to assess and benchmark our sustainability performance.   

Read more about our ratings in this year’s sustainability report


At DSV, we offer our customers the same high compliance standards across markets based on our global Integrated Management System and ISO certification. I

ISO certification 

At DSV, we offer our customers the same high compliance standards across markets based on our global Integrated Management System and ISO multisite certification. In 2020 we transferred all local ISO certificates for Quality (ISO 9001), Health & Safety (ISO 45001) and Environment (ISO 14001) into one global multisite certificate. This multisite certification ensures consistency in our processes globally and streamlines our operation to encompass risk and opportunity management while facilitating continuous improvement through best practices.

We continuously evaluate how to strengthen our framework and improve our Integrated Management System. We ensure our assurance and improve our operational excellence by onboarding additional DSV locations and assessing the benefits from the most relevant ISO standards.

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What is multisite certification?
Multisite certification can be used by an organisation that has the same management system within their network of branches and an identified central office that plans, controls and manages the overall business operations.

See our QHSE policy and ISO certificates

Our QHSE Policy ensures our commitment to Quality, Health & Safety and the Environment is anchored throughout the organisation. See our ISO policies and certificates 


QHSE Multisite Certificate

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Martin Andreasen, Executive Vice President, Group Compliance