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With the development of new cleaner fuels, making transportation greener has never been more viable.  
However, these fuels are at different stages of evolution and the amount of fuel available varies in different parts of the world. Therefore, DSV is focused on meeting the immediate needs of its customers.  

 We are committed to helping you find the right mix of fuel solutions. Whether by road, air or sea, you can benefit from our knowledge as we manage the process from start to finish. 

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Our collaboration partners

We know how important it is to be able to prove that you are genuinely sustainable and a responsible organisation. 
That is why we have partnered with the most trusted companies and organisations in the industry to “walk the talk” with you:

UNITED eco-skies
United Eco-Skies is the first-of-its-kind program for more sustainable flights. By opting for their Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), you will reduce CO2 emissions from chosen air freight shipment legs from 62% up to 75%.
GoodShipping logo
GoodShipping is the world’s first decarbonisation service for transportation offering you highest sustainability and verification standard. The sustainable biofuels used on your behalf reduce CO₂ emissions by around 80 percent in comparison to fossil fuels. Independent auditors Ernst & Young verify the switching of fuels, as well as calculation and allocation of emission reduction performed by GoodShipping. 
ERM logo
United Airlines’ overall SAF use and emission reduction process is verified by independent auditors ERM - Environmental Resources Management.

The process explained

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  • Green supply chain design & optimisation

    GREEN SUPPLY CHAIN DESIGN & optimisation

    Work with our experts to identify ways to improve both your supply chain and carbon footprint.
  • CO2 reporting


    Track and trace your impact and get comprehensive insights and data analysis to drive reductions of your supply chain emissions.
  • Carbon offsetting


    Invest in renowned environmental projects to compensate for your emissions.

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Contact Martin Andreasen, Executive Vice President, Group Compliance

Martin Andreasen, Executive Vice President, Group Compliance