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Our automated warehouse system turns your manual warehouse processes into automation while increasing the quality

Warehouse Automation is a service designed to optimise both manual and already automated processes within the warehouse to minimize variable cost and maximize efficiency. With our automated warehouse system, you can adjust to faster production, reduce working hours and dependency on hired staff while increasing efficiency, competitiveness and process quality.

High quality with Warehouse Automation

Our automation vision is to implement high quality automation products that have flexible solutions and applications. The Automation product is split into two different project approaches:

  1. Turn-key Automation: Every project is unique, and we will build a concept that matches your needs.
  2. Automation programme: The programme is based on a standard approach and process since these concepts have been standardised based on suppliers, service and maintenance, price levels and setup. 

We offer multiple automation products such as Goods-to-Person, sortation, storage handling and transportation automation with the aim to optimise your operations to exactly your needs whether it is standardised or unique.

Our solution will provide you with the ability to make changes to your system that will lead to higher productivity and lower capital costs. 

The process for DSV's automated warehouse system

How Warehouse Automation can benefit your business

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