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Buyer's consolidation concept from China

If our customers receive cargo from multiple suppliers, we can consolidate their goods by our consolidation services. Consolidation services organising their supply chain in a leaner and more efficient way.


DSV Buy Consolidation

Optimised utilisation through consolidation

We optimise the utilisation of containers as part of our consolidation services. Dedicated containers are packed and sealed for final delivery at the customer's premises or straight to the end users. We basically turn multiple LCL shipments into FCL shipments.

Consolidation services reduce costs

With our buyer's consolidation services, you will have reliability, less cargo handling and fewer units to handle at your end destination. Buyer's consolidation services give you reduced costs and environmental savings and offer full transparency in a more simplified manner compared to multiple LCL shipments.

Advantages with DSV’s Buyers’ Consolidation

  • Multiple suppliers / one consignee

  • Eliminate number of LCL shipments

  • Save significant transport cost

  • Optimize container utilization

  • Better supplier control through DSV in China

  • Bonded and non-bonded CFS solution in China

  • Save distribution costs at destination

  • Faster delivery at destination

  • Order purchase per stock basis

  • High visibility though DSV PO Management

  • Reduce risk for damage and delay

  • Reduce customs inspections

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