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Class 2: Gases

Gas is a substance, which has a vapor pressure, or which is completely gaseous at a standard pressure. 

A gas when packaged under pressure for transport, which comprises according to its physical states as:

  • Compressed Gas: is entirely gaseous at -50°C, this category includes all gases with a critical temperature ≤ -50°C
  • Liquefied Gas: is partially liquid at temperature > -50°C. High pressure liquefied gas: a gas with a critical temperature between -50°C and +65°C. Low pressure liquefied gas: a gas with a critical temperature > +65°C. 
  • Refrigerated Liquefied Gas (Cryogenic Liquid): is made partially liquid because of its low temperature. 
  • Dissolved Gas: is dissolved in a liquid phase solvent.
  • Adsorbed Gas: is adsorbed onto a solid porous material resulting in an internal receptacle pressure of < 101.3kPa at 20°C and < 300kPa at 50°C.

Class 2 are assigned into three Divisions:

Class 2.1

flammable gases

Class 2.2

non-flammable, non-toxic gases

Class 2.3

toxic gases


Disclaimer: this information is provided for convenience only. Please consult International Associations and Local Authorities for more details and latest information.

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