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Class 3: Flammable liquids

Flammable liquid comprises liquids or mixtures of liquids containing solids in solution or in suspension. Some flammable liquids derive from petroleum, e.g., petrol, kerosene. Others are manufactured through natural or industrial processes, e.g., alcohols. 

There is no division for Flammable Liquid, packing groups would be assigned to determine the level of danger, which is Flash Point and Initial Boiling Point.

A liquid, which give off a flammable vapour at temperature of ≤ 60°C closed-cup test or ≤ 65.6°C open-cup test normally referred to as the Flash Point (Flash point: is defined as the lowest temperature at which flammable vapour is given off a liquid in a test vessel in sufficient concentration to be ignited in air when exposed momentarily to a source of ignition), with Initial Boiling Point (Initial Boiling Point: is the temperature at which the liquid under test first boils).

Class 3: flammable liquids list

Flammable liquids are assigned into three Packing Groups according to flash point and initial boiling point: 

Packing Group

Flash Point (closed cup)

Initial Boiling Point

Packing Group I

  ≤ 35°C

Packing Group II

< 23°C

> 35°C

Packing Group III

≥ 23°C but < 60°C

> 35°C

Disclaimer: this information is provided for convenience only. Please consult International Associations and Local Authorities for more details and latest information.

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