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Class 5.1 / 5.2 – Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides 

Class 5.1 /5.2 - Oxidizing Agents and organic peroxide

Class 5 is divided into two division as follow:

Division 5.1 - Oxidizing Substances 

  • Which, in themselves are not necessarily combustible, but may generally cause or contribute to the combustion of other material by yielding oxygen. Such substances may be contained in an article. 

Division 5.2 – Organic Peroxides

  • Is made up of organic substances which contain the bivalent structure -O-O- and may be considered derivatives of hydrogen peroxide in which one or both of the hydrogen atoms have been replaced by organic radicals.
  • Are thermally unstable substances which may undergo exothermic, self-accelerating decomposition.
  • In addition, they may have one or more of the following properties:
    i. Be liable to explosive decomposition
    ii. Burn rapidly
    iii. Be sensitive to impact or friction
    iv. React dangerously with other substances
    v. Cause damage to the eyes
Disclaimer: this information is provided for convenience only. Please consult International Associations and Local Authorities for more details and latest information.

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