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Successful communication with children requires a special approach

We participate in the social care project "Het BeterBoek" for the children's ward and day treatment in the VieCuri Medical Center in Venlo. Thanks in part to our participation, children who are admitted or treated receive Het BeterBoek for free

Beterboek 2021

Not everything within our company is devoted to logistics services; where possible, DSV also promotes its social responsibility. Our business unit DSV Solutions is therefore proud to have once again contributed to the care project 'Het BeterBoek' for the children's ward of the VieCuri Medical Center in Venlo, just like in 2019.

Hospitalization is a major event for children. Especially for young children. They end up in an unfamiliar environment and gain many new impressions. This often leads to unrest and uncertainty. With the right care and education, children can be put at ease.

The aim of 'Het BeterBoek' is to familiarize children with the environment of the hospital. In this way, fear of examinations and treatments is partly removed. A child has space in the book to write down his own story, so that they can give their emotions and experiences a place. The book has room for photos and messages, which makes home seem a little closer.

The BeterBoek, a publication of Bureau Méteau, is and remains the property of the child. After hospitalization , the book with all the explanations, messages, photos and experiences will be taken home. In this way, the book is a valuable reminder for the child of the time in the hospital.

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