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A multi-user setup for all kinds of companies

Warehouses with automation and mechanisation are set up as multi-user environments, enabling clients in all shapes and sizes to benefit from sharing space, labour, and automation to handle e-commerce order fulfilment activities.

Our solution connects a cube storage goods-to-man robotics concept with automated pack lines. As a result, we offer our customers high-density storage and highly efficient and reliable pick & pack.

Warehouse automation gives you increased flexibility, reliability, and cost-efficiency plus seamless integration into our operations. Thus, plug into an automated warehousing solution and make warehousing automation work for you.

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Traditional warehouses are built with space, light, and heating for people to be able to work, but robots easily operate without light and heating, and space usage is so much more efficient, as the robots work within a cubic grid.

So, implementing DSV Fulfilment Factory as part of your warehouse solution will result in energy savings and lower emissions. In fact, the system delivers a density of automated storage equivalent of only 25% of the space needed for the same capacity within traditional manual storage.

Further, the energy consumption of the robots is extremely low. The robots generate power as they lower bins within the grid or reduce their speed, much as an electrical car. By making power usage circular in this way, the energy needed is at a minimum. Plug into DSV Fulfilment Factory, where energy savings and increased space efficiency will make your order fulfilment more sustainable.


How your business benefits

Now, everyone can benefit from mechanized fulfilment

Ever-higher customer expectations, shrinking order sizes, and a shortage of qualified staff are pressuring order fulfilment in e-commerce, retail, and wholesale businesses alike.

Warehouse automation offers a solution, but so far only companies with large volumes, predictable order patterns, and certainty about future flows have been able to make the sizable investment needed for the robotics concept, also known as AutoStore technology.

With warehouse automation, everyone can benefit from automated warehousing for some – or all – of their order fulfilment activities.

We are investing heavily and rolling out this automation concept in numerous multi-user warehouses like our warehouse in Venlo, the Netherlands, creating a string of (partially) automated warehouses. Many of our clients are already onboard, benefiting from increased reliability and cost-efficiency.

Each automated warehouse is fully connected to our Warehouse Management System and seamlessly integrated into our operations. This means standard connectivity via EDI or API and end-to-end visibility. In other words, the solution is literally ‘plug & play’, and particularly aimed at small or large e-commerce businesses. 

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