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Financial protection for your valuable goods against incidents.

 Our customized insurance policies perfectly cater to the specific needs of your business. Enjoy the assurance that your goods are well insured against the financial consequences of loss or damage.

As a freight forwarder, we handle your goods with care. However, incidents can always occur that result in damage or even loss of your goods. Whether you transport your goods by sea, air, road or store them in our warehouses, insuring your goods can prove crucial for the financial progress of your business.

With our insurance solutions, you can protect your business in case of unforeseen circumstances. Safeguard your supply chain with DSV Cargo Insurance and DSV Storage Insurance. Let DSV not only handle your transportation and warehousing but also tailor the insurance coverage entirely to your needs.

Well protected against risks

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    Transfer your risk with DSV Cargo Insurance t

    Everyone in transport and logistics knows that unforeseen incidents can occur during the transportation of your goods. With DSV Cargo Insurance, you protect yourself against financial loss when this happens.
  • Warehouse shelfs in DSV

    Protect your goods with DSV Storage Insurance

    An incident with your goods in storage can always occur. Fortunately, with DSV Storage Insurance, you can determine the financial outcome of such an incident. And you are insured for the coverage of your goods in case of damage or loss during storage.

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