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DSV Cargo Insurance is your financial protection against the loss or damage of your goods during transportation

Everyone in transport and logistics knows that transporting goods always carries a risk. Unforeseen events can literally impact the outcome of your business.

Under national and international legislation or international conventions, such as the CMR Convention or Hague-Visby Rules, the liability of a freight forwarder is limited. Financial damages resulting from unforeseen events during transportation can arise from this limitation. With DSV Cargo Insurance, you cannot prevent an accident, but you can mitigate the financial consequences for your company.

We provide the solution that allows you to protect your goods and company against the financial consequences of unexpected incidents.

Would you like to limit the financial risk on your goods? With DSV Cargo Insurance, you have that option.

Six clear benefits of DSV Cargo Insurance

Disclaimer: Please find more product information about DSV Cargo Insurance here

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