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As a driver for DSV you must observe the following rules:

Safety equipment

  • Hi-visibility vest, safety shoes, helmet, gloves and safety glasses.
  • If you are driving ADR cargo, you must also have the necessary ADR equipment

Trailer handover

Every time you receive a new trailer or hand it back, remember to check:

  • Existing damage – check the damage report and have any new damage written into it before you drive away. Fill in the trailer report and take photos if requested, and send them to DSV.
  • Check the trailer cables, doors and note the number of side boards inside
  • Check the tilt and whether there are any cuts or holes in the curtain
  • Check the tyres

Working and driving hours

You must be familiar with and observe all rules about working times.

  • Maximum 6 working days per week.
  • Work time is 13 hours per day – giving at least 11 hours of resting time.
  • 3 times per week, you may extend the working time to 15 hours and so only have a 9 hour resting time.
  • Driving time is 9 hours, every 4.5 hours you must take a 45 minute break.
  • You can split the breaks in two but at least one of those should be 30 mins.
  • Driving time may be extended to 10 hours twice per week.
  • Your weekend break must be 45 hours. Every second week you can take a short weekend break of 24 hours, but the following weekend break must then be at least 45 hours.
  • Maximum driving time for two weeks period is 90 hours, but not more than 56 hours per week.
Trailer report

Trailer report

Download our trailer reports
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