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Join us at our upcoming seminar to explore the pivotal role of Third-Party Logistics (3PL) in enhancing efficiency and sustainability across the supply chain. This seminar is designed to provide attendees with:

  • In-depth Insights: Understand how 3PL services are revolutionizing logistics by optimizing processes, improving resource utilization, and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Strategic Advantages: Learn about the operational excellence achievable through partnerships with 3PL providers, and how these collaborations contribute to your sustainability objectives.
  • Real-World Examples: Engage with presentations and discussions that showcase successful case studies, offering a practical perspective on implementing 3PL solutions effectively.


Speakers Institution Agenda Item Time

Registration & Networking 10 AM - 10:30 AM
Emrah Demir Aris Syntetos Cardiff University Session 1: 3PL Overview 10:30 AM - 11 AM
Erling Johns Nielsen DSV Session 2: Efficiency & Sustainability 11 AM - 11:30 AM
Hakim Ramadan Meibach Session 3: Case Studies & Success Stories 11:30 AM - 12 AM
Tristan Webster, 
Ananth MK
  Session 4: Panel Q&A 12 PM - 12:30 PM
     Lunch 12:30 PM - 2 PM

About the speakers

Emrah Demir

Emrah Demir, a respected Professor of Operational Research at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, is renowned for his expertise in green logistics and operational research. With a rich academic background, including a PhD from the University of Southampton and a postdoc from Eindhoven University of Technology, his research focuses on applying operational research methodologies to tackle a wide range of decision-making problems in freight transportation. Emrah has published more than fifty journal articles and six book chapters, resulting in significant citation impact. Additionally, he holds editorial roles as area and associate editor at four academic journals. Over the years, Emrah has been actively involved in funded research projects related to road freight decarbonisation and vehicle routing optimisation. Additionally, he offers executive teaching tailored for transport managers and planners. As a dedicated mentor and educator, Emrah is currently supervising six PhD students across Cardiff University and other institutions.

Emrah Demir Speaker

Aris Syntetos 

Aris Syntetos is a Professor of Decision Science and holds the prestigious DSV Chair of Logistics and Manufacturing at Cardiff University. He co-founded the PARC Institute of Manufacturing, Logistics, and Inventory, bridging the gap between academia and industry. His work, notably the Syntetos-Boylan Approximation for forecasting, revolutionizes inventory and supply chain management by integrating forecasting and inventory optimization. With over £5 million in research funding, Aris' contributions are globally recognized, earning him numerous awards and significant industry collaboration. He is the Editor in Chief of the IMA Journal of Management Mathematics (Oxford University Press) and has profoundly impacted both academic circles and the business world with his innovative approaches to decision science.

Aris Syntetos speaker

Erling Johns Nielsen

Erling Johns Nielsen serves as the Vice President and Global Head of Supply Chain Innovation at DSV, where he leads a global team of over 30 supply chain advisors. With a focus on optimizing supply chains for cost efficiency, service excellence, and sustainability, Erling brings more than six years of experience with DSV and over 25 years at Maersk, demonstrating profound expertise in end-to-end supply chain management across different sectors and regions. His academic background includes a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management from Copenhagen Business School and further qualifications in logistics and leadership from The Institute of Logistics and Transport in London, Cranfield University, and London Business School.

Erlings Speaker

Hakim Ramadan

Hakim Ramadan is a solution-focused intralogistics engineer with a keen interest in developing best-in-class, customer-friendly solutions. Above all, he is dedicated to unlocking hidden potential across all areas of the supply chain. With over 25 years of international experience, Hakim has specialized in developing and designing turnkey intralogistics solutions. He offers comprehensive expertise and advice in various aspects of warehousing and supply chains, making significant contributions to the field.

Hakim Speaker

Ananth MK

Ananth is a fervent advocate for the intricacies and potential of supply chain structures. With a keen interest in unveiling the hidden capacities within every facet of the supply chain, his passion is matched by a robust foundation of experience and expertise. His journey in the supply chain domain is underscored by a significant tenure in engineering design, focusing on the optimization of warehouses and their operational processes, as well as the strategic redesigning of network structures to enhance efficiency and productivity. Holding a Mechanical Engineering degree, Ananth brings to the table 17 years of seasoned experience as a Supply Chain Consultant. This extensive period of engagement has equipped him with unparalleled subject matter expertise, enabling him to offer invaluable insights and solutions tailored to the unique needs of customers' supply chains. Ananth's comprehensive understanding and innovative approach make him a pivotal asset in the quest for supply chain excellence.

Ananth Speaker

Whether you are looking to enhance your supply chain’s efficiency, keen on integrating sustainable practices, or simply interested in the latest 3PL innovations, this event promises valuable insights and networking opportunities that can propel your operational goals forward.

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