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Introducing the EV Truck, a groundbreaking addition to the world of sustainable transportation. This fully electric marvel is designed for the future, boasting a range of features that make it a game-changer in the industry.

The EV Truck is not your typical electric vehicle. It's fully electric, resulting in zero carbon emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice for businesses aiming to lessen their environmental impact. With fast-charging capabilities and an extended range, it ensures you can keep moving without prolonged downtime for charging. Moreover, it's equipped to handle double-trailers, offering unparalleled versatility in the market.

Whether you're transporting heavy loads with our 6x4 truck, with an impressive 80 MT GWC capacity, or managing lighter cargo with our 3.5 MT capacity Light Load Truck, our EV Trucks provide a cost-effective and ecologically responsible logistics solution.

Nevertheless, our EV Truck is not solely about power and capacity; it's loaded with cutting-edge technology. From advanced connectivity options to intelligent telematics, these features enhance operational efficiency and safety, ensuring that your business operates smoothly and responsibly.

By opting for our EV Truck, you're not only investing in the future of transportation but also taking significant steps to reduce your carbon footprint and lower operational costs.

FAQ - Electric Vehicles

Questions and answers regarding electric vehicles

Heavy-Duty Truck: Our heavy-duty 6x4 truck, boasting an 80 Gross Combination Weight (GCW), offers remarkable versatility, making it suitable for various applications including flatbed, curtain side, box trailer, low bed with a capacity of up to 65 MT cargo load, and tanker applications for transporting fuel or water weighing up to 40 MT.

Light-Duty Truck: Our light-duty truck, with a 3.5 MT capacity, is designed for pickup, box, and reefer truck applications.

The heavy-duty truck has a range of 250 km, while the 3.5 MT truck has a range of 200 km.
The truck can be supercharged in just 1 hour with a power output of a 350 kWh charger. Alternatively, for a mobile charger, it takes 8 hours with a power output of 40 kWh. Many chargers available out there range from 40 kWh to 350 kWh depending on the power capacity available at client facilities.

The same applies to the light truck.

For example:
  • A 350 kWh charger provides one hour of charging time.
  • A 180 kWh charger provides two hours of charging time.
  • A 90 kWh charger provides four hours of charging time.
The truck's battery can be swapped in just seven minutes through a fully automated robotic swapping station. The station requires 1.2 MWh of energy, which can charge three trucks within one hour. It is digitally connected to the truck and driver. When the truck approaches the station, it connects with the truck and swaps the battery fully automated with robotics, completing the process in 7 minutes, allowing the truck to continue its journey.
DSV is gradually implementing swapping stations to cover a 300 km radius in Abu Dhabi and will expand gradually.

DSV provides solutions that are commercially feasible. Aside from the substantial benefits and gains in sustainability, which are undoubtedly worth the investment in protecting our environment, we also address the cost aspect. We challenge the costs and offer solutions that make commercial feasibility a priority. This is where we truly differentiate ourselves—by providing solutions that are both emissions-free and economically viable.

We achieve this by optimising our routes, reducing charging times, and maximizing the number of kilometers driven per day. The primary driver for the competitiveness of such operations compared to traditional transport means is the savings from reduced fuel costs. The benchmark for the truck is the cost of fossil fuels when it is driven for 12,000 kilometers per month, making our charging solutions crucial for the success of this transformation.

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