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Update on new CBSA Customs Procedures

The latest news on CBSA's Single Window Initiative (SWI)

Update on new CBSA Customs Procedures

We want to update you on changes being implemented by CBSA to import procedures and systems.                 

We have outlined the overall updates below and how this may affect your business and import shipments.

CBSA Import System Updates – Single Window Initiative (SWI)

What changes are being implemented and why?    

To help streamline the customs import procedures, CBSA has begun implementing a new Single Window Initiative (SWI), that integrates the reporting process to all relevant Participating Government Agencies (PGAs) into one single electronic transmission. This will effectively help to simplify the import process and cut back on paper burden for importers and brokers, as well as providing a central point of reference for all agencies involved in customs clearance.

We've outlined the key changes to CBSA systems below:

  • Single Window Initiative will transition beginning April 1st, 2019 - effectively ending the current PARS and RMD options for entry processing
  • Entry transmission can be made up to 90 days in advance of goods arriving to Canada
  • There are nine PGAs involved, representing 38 government programs in total
  • Requirement for data reporting will increase significantly for some products
  • All submissions to be made electronically

How this affects import clients?

To satisfy the requirements of the nine PGAs, there will be an increased burden on the broker to potentially provide more detailed information for customs transmissions.  As such, you can expect an increase in the level of questions being directed at you by our brokerage team about the products you import. 

The information provided is essential to the Single Window Initiative concept that allows for the reporting of all data to be standardized into one single transmission.  The benefits of this are a more streamlined import process that will lead to faster clearance times.  Looking further ahead, the Single Window Initiative will help set up the importing community for future efficiencies, where importers will ultimately have greater visibility to their activities with Canada Border Services Agency and the relevant PGAs.

We will keep you updated with any further info and encourage you to reach out with questions.

If you have any concern about how this may affect your shipments, please contact our DSV Brokerage Team first

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