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Terms and Conditions

DSV provides the following terms and conditions for its Canadian customers

DSV organizes its execution of services into three divisions that share one vision to provide exemplary transport and logistics services to our customers.

The three divisions are:

1. Air & Sea

2. Solutions / Logistics Services

3. Road

We operate collaboratively as “One DSV” in order to optimize customer experience; however, recognizing that different business needs dictate different rights and responsibilities, we maintain distinct sets of complementary terms and conditions for each division.

Please see our Standard Terms and Conditions.

Air & Sea

The following terms and conditions address transportation bill of lading terms, air freight terms, and freight forwarding terms, as noted.

DSV A&S Transport Bill of Lading Terms

DSV A&S Air Terms and Conditions

CIFFA – Standard Trading Conditions

DSV Conditions of Contract for Airfreight

DSV A&S CA Custom Broker/Freight Forwarder 


The following terms and conditions govern Road services in North America. Please contact DSV for additional terms and conditions.

CIFFA - Standard Trading Conditions


The following terms and conditions govern DSV Solutions services in Canada.

DSV Solutions Terms and Conditions

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