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The quality of your product fulfilment is a determining factor for your success

DSV's product fulfilment services are focused on giving your customers - be they consumers or businesses -
a great experience of your brand. Great experiences create value and brand loyalty. 

Fulfilment services are about much more than just a logistics service. Today, fulfilment services play a central role in all order-related logistics and communication. That is why we can cover your whole order supply chain. But we can just as easily fulfil just one or more specific fulfilment services, still guaranteeing you fully-integrated fulfilment at the best possible price-performance ratio.

DSV offers multichannel fulfilment services in selected locations. In Canada, we offer coast to coast services with locations in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON.  

See our case study from WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers. 

Depending on location, we offer

  • Voice-controlled order picking and packing
  • Response handling
  • Customer service - phone, letter, email, social media
  • Returns
  • Financial fulfilment
  • Supply chain management
  • Distribution
  • Project management

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