DSV - Global Transport and Logistics

Our engineers have experience with a variety of client supply chains and implement software to drive efficiency.

As you have probably experienced, changes in global sourcing patterns, shifting consumer demographics and fluctuating fuel prices require flexible distribution networks that can sense and respond to variability. Ensuring your partners operate in sync is critical to achieving economies of scale as well as improving service and quality levels.

Whether it's sustaining a longer term market shift or designing a comprehensive supply chain network, DSV consulting services and our staff of experienced supply chain engineers can design a solution that streamlines freight movements and reduces costs across your entire network, tipping the scales of uncertainty back in your favor.

Some of the typical projects our clients ask us to perform are:

  • carrier procurement and bid analysis

  • route engineering

  • ship day rationalization

  • cross route rationalization and design

  • freight consolidation and pooling point analysis

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