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Introducing DSV ETA

With DSV ETA you get a two- hour window for pick-up and delivery times on your shipment, opening up new possibilities for your business.  

DSV ETA is a service provided via our myDSV platform that provides precise real-time ETAs. It enables better planning of your transports and internal workflows; while reducing carbon emission due to optimized route planning.  

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How DSV ETA benefits your business


Breaking down complexity to support your business

With DSV ETA, we break down the complexity of B2B shipping data. This innovative solution gathers all relevant data across borders and systems in one platform to deliver a real-time status of your shipment. 

DSV ETA starts collecting GPS data just after the truck leaves the terminal. Unforeseen events along the route, such as ques or roadblocks, are registered as they occur, immediately updating your ETA. 

All you have to do is log on to your self-service portal, myDSV, to follow your shipment, you can even register with your email or mobile number to get notifications on changes.  

DSV ETA is just one in a number of efforts to support your business as best as possible. Because we believe that – complexity or not – the commerce must go on. 

The service is currently applicable for transports going through one of our many DSV terminals. Either after pick-up or before the delivery.  

DSV ETA is available in the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland.  

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