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DSV and #tide ocean team together to combat plastic pollution

DSV Air + Sea Switzerland is acting as exclusive logistics partner for #tide ocean material

Since January 2022, DSV Air + Sea Switzerland has been collaborating with Basel-based startup #tide ocean to combat plastic pollution in the world's oceans. 

The company #tide ocean was launched in 2019 by Thomas Schori, CEO and Marc Krebs, Head of Communications, with the aim of ridding the ocean of plastic pollution. In an upcycling process, developed in collaboration between #tide and Rapperswil University of Applied Sciences, the waste plastic regains its original quality and is processed into a new valuable raw material, which in turn is used by brands all over the world to make a range of new products such as textiles, apparel, watchbands, furniture, car interiors, construction materials and more.  

To collect the plastic, #tide ocean partners with social enterprises in Southeast Asia that organise beach clean-ups and train locals to collect plastic waste floating in the oceans and stranded on the coasts. Taking both ethical and ecological standards into account, #tide ocean is committed to fair payment for local communities by paying above market prices for the collected fish. In doing so, #tide contributes to counteracting the danger of overfishing on the one hand, while at the same time providing local communities with a fair income and enabling them to protect their livelihoods. 

To help #tide ocean close the circle of plastic waste pollution, DSV Air + Sea Switzerland will act as their exclusive logistics partner for the duration of the partnership and handle the transport and import of the gathered plastic to Switzerland from all over the world as well as providing temporary storage solution

Through the collaboration with #tide, DSV Air+Sea Switzerland supports #tide's goal of collecting 1 billion plastic bottles by compensating 1 million PET bottles per year, and thus takes an important step towards cleaning our oceans and restoring the ecosystem in the coastal regions of Southeast Asia.  

By actively addressing the ongoing pollution of our oceans through supporting initiatives such as #tide ocean, DSV Air + Sea Switzerland is also acting in line with DSV's global commitment to take responsibility for the environmental damage caused by global trade and to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly and green solutions. 

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