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DSV Air & Sea Switzerland becomes premium partner of SSIB

With the premium partnership between DSV Air & Sea Switzerland and SSIB - Swiss School of International Business, both partners emphasise the relevance of further education in the field of foreign trade in times which are characterised by global pandemics and increasing uncertainties, and are jointly committed to promoting the next generation in foreign trade.

Together, we created a training programme for lateral entrants to jumpstart their career in freight forwarding. Read more about it here:

Fast Forward training programme

About SSIB

The Swiss School for International Business, a company of the Swiss Chambers of Commerce and Industry, is the leading provider of education and training in foreign trade. The SSIB covers all areas of international trade and, with the most comprehensive range of services in Switzerland, is the Swiss competence centre for import, export, customs and VAT issues. THE SSIB offers:

  • courses in foreign trade with preparation for federally recognised diplomas
  • SIHK (Swiss Chambers of Commerce and Industry) recognised certificate courses
  • around 50 seminars per year on current topics in foreign trade
  • excellent advice on all questions of export processing (customs, VAT, origin of goods, processing)
  • a pool of around 50 experts
  • excellent advice on all questions of export processing (customs, VAT, origin of goods, processing)
  • state-of-the-art infrastructure at various centrally located sites across Switzerland
"For SSIB, the implementation of practical training and seminars is an elementary part of the educational concept. The partnership with DSV helps to incorporate the daily, global challenges of international trade even more directly into the courses."

- Patrick Schneider, CEO SSIB

"Due to the increasing complexity in global trade, sound knowledge in foreign trade is more relevant than ever before. As a partner of the SSIB, we at DSV Air & Sea Switzerland are pleased to be able to provide insights from the perspective of transport and logistics as part of the courses and thus also enter into a direct dialogue with the shipping industry."

- Dominik Wiesler, Managing Director, DSV Air & Sea Switzerland

SSIB - training and expertise for foreign trade since 1983

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