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The 3 keys to lifting productivity in supply chains

Keeping the supply chains under control could take a lot of time and efforts, but DSV Connectivity can help.

DSV Connectivity

Productivity is one of the key performance indicators in business. For exporters and importers, keeping the supply chains under control could take a lot of time and efforts given the rapid changes and variables in international trade. That’s why we have launched DSV Connectivity applications to reduce the time you need to spend on administration work of your shipments with digital tools.

DSV Connectivity: Simple, efficient and automated

To maximize one’s productivity with digital tools, there are 3 keywords: simple, efficient and automated. A simple digital platform saves your time in dealing with shipments on various systems. An efficient way of booking and tracking shipments frees up your time and resources which can now be spent on your core business. Finally, a data interchange service empowers the automation of shipment data flow into your company’s system.

Combining the benefits of simplicity, efficiency and automation, DSV Connectivity applications, namely myDSV, DSV API and DSV EDI, are designed to enhance productivity, provide visibility into your supply chains, and eventually improve your business.

DSV Connectivity

Why DSV Connectivity means better business?

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DSVconnect: Shipment tracking at your fingertips

DSV Connectivity

In China, we have also developed DSVconnect, our latest track & trace tool on WeChat, based on DSV API technology. DSVconnect allows you to monitor your shipments and obtain real-time shipment status on mobile devices without signing up or in.

DSV Connectivity

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